About your foodies!

About us:

Eric and Charisse are the husband and wife team behind foodies@home, she cooks, he writes and we both eat. We met on match.com and discovered that we grew up only 8 miles apart in San Jose. She was an artist, he was a geek. She stole his heart when she said “hi”, he stole hers bit by bit as time went by. At least that’s the romantic way to put it, in reality after a few dates Eric said “I guess this makes you my girlfriend” and that was that. We got married in Las Vegas and spent our honeymoon split between London and Paris. We moved out of San Francisco to start 2008 and began remodeling the house (and kitchen) we have now in San Jose. 

About the Blog:
When we met we both had a love for food, wine and cooking and loved having friends or family over for dinner, a movie and games. We constantly looked for ways to up our cooking, eventally taking on hosting a big sit down Christmas Eve dinner with all our family and close friends. We were constantly trying to explain these meals to our friends and kept coming up short, so we started foodies@home as a way to share our cooking with people we knew. Now its a place for us to share our thoughts and lives with our readers. 

About Charisse:
Charisse is a San Jose native who couldn't decide between art school and culinary school. She chose art, studing at the Academy of Art in the City and at San Jose State but never gave up her love for cooking. She has always been an animal lover growing up with chickens, dogs, bunnies and anything else she could get away with bringing home. Since moving back to San Jose she's found a love for gardening and canning, two hobbies that tend to go hand in hand and even show up here from time to time. 

About Eric: 
Eric studied History and Philosophy at the University of Hawai'i, moving back to his hometown of San Jose in 2006, when he met Charisse. Eric grew up loving technology and music, playing sax throughout junior high and high school. He also developed a love for photography at a young age and contributes as the primary photographer, lead writer and part time bowl-from-the-top-shelf-getter for the blog. 

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  1. Wow, these pictures are sooo awesome!!! You must have an amazing photographer:P

  2. Very lovely introduction and pictures :) Makes you guys so real :)