Q. Who are you people?
A. We're just two happily married people who love to cook food, take pictures and eat. Get to know us a little in the About Us section.

Q. Where do you get all these pictures?
A. We take them! See our Photography section for our philosophy of photography.

Q. I’m looking for recipes that are non-fat/ low carb/ vegan versions of your recipes, do you have any?
A. We like butter, and carbs and meat, but many of our dishes can be redone to lower fat content, have fewer carbs or even remove meat and animal products or use substitute products. Experiment with it and let us know how it goes!

Q. How do you come up with all of these recipes?
A. Charisse is constantly reading cookbooks, looking through cooking magazines and experimenting. Much of what we come up with is based on recipes we’ve seen elsewhere but we’ve modified or borrowed elements from and used in a different type of dish. When we directly modify or use a recipe we try our best to credit original sources where we can but by the time we get around to cooking we don’t always know where the foundation of a recipe came from.

Q. Can I use one of your pictures in my blog?
A. Yes and no. We definitely encourage you to grab a camera and take your own pictures! But let’s face it, this is the internet and everything on it is fair game. Most of our pictures are licensed under the “Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 2.0 Generic” license. Basically, you may use most of our images for your own use, but you need to link back to this blog or our flickr page and you cannot use the image for a commercial purpose without permission. We do license our images for commercial use and sell prints (without the watermark) under our photography studio “ECP Photography”.

Q. So I read an article about food photography, how much oil spray and glue do you use for your final pictures?
A. None! We make it a point to never add anything artificial or do anything fake with our photography. Most of the time what you see is Eric’s dinner, which explains why some of the final shots end up looking rushed… he was hungry.

Q. I like your subtitle: “Moving art from the canvas to the plate”, but what does it mean?
A. Our subtitle comes from our original blog intention as a creative outlet for Charisse when she was suffering from painters block. It was something Eric mentioned to Charisse’s mom Monica while trying to describe what a blog was and why we would bother taking pictures of dinner. 

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