Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living Room 2.0

Last week we mentioned that we were going to redo our living room, so we wanted to share an update with you! Once again the house looks like a small war was fought in it with small paths dug through the knee deep wreckage. Holes line the walls and a fine layer of rubble covers the floor. What a mess. However, there IS progress! Lets look at what we started with! Living room 0.5:

This is the living room back in early 2009 after we've taken down the wall paper and painted

This is mantle after we've taken out the fireplace insert and decorated for Christmas (2009). Eric's desktop actually sits on that brown chair most of the time. Very professional. 

Our project list is pretty hefty this time around: 
  • Remove bookshelves
  • Add cabinets for books and electronics
  • Add moulding frame for TV
  • Add crown moulding along the ceiling
  • Add in wall surround sound wiring
  • Add pass-through DSL jack
  • Add textured wall paper
  • Add hutch for computer
  • Paint walls and fireplace
So far here's our progress: 
Surround Sound: 
See look, rubble!
Finished Speaker Install

This is Charisse's textured wall paper: 

This is the detail on the crown and wall moulding:

Where we stand: 


  1. I love the little windows in your living room - they're awesome! Good luck with all the work, it sounds like a massive project.

  2. Wow, love that textured wallpaper! I struggle so much with wall decorating, this would take care of it :)

  3. The wall paper is amazing and I love the color you selected. Looks really nice,