Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're moving!

No, we're not changing houses, we're changing blog engines! We've been on Blogger for almost a year and a half now and just can't get it to do all the things we want it to, so this week we're moving over to a specialized Wordpress install. Take a sneak peak here: www.foodiesathome.photographyblogsites.com and let us know what you think! This new site will let us run our Home and Garden, photography and food blog in a much more efficient manner (right now the code is pretty much a giant hack). We should be ready to move officially later this week. Take the new site for a spin, check out all the features and let us know what you think! Later today we'll post something sweet!


  1. It's gorgeous! I can't wait! :)

    Make sure to remind us when it's up so we can change our RSS feed :)

  2. If I do my job right, the RSS feed should be unaffected (same domain). Could be I'll be in trouble though =P


  3. When something like changing domains, designs, etc happens on my blog, it goes like this. I give the computer to my husband and say, "Fix this" then I leave the house so that he can pitch a fit and cuss at the computer. When I come back, it's all fixed.

  4. Off to check out your new site! Wish my hubby was techy and I'd do the same :)