Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Where have the foodies gone?!

Where have those foodies gone??? We're still here, but our kitchen is not in the best shape this week. We've been having problems with our water system for a while, dating back to about the time we moved in so we've had this project on the back burner for a while, but now we're finally forced to face down the problems, and do something about them! Now re-plumbing a house is not a fun experience and we're not looking forward to the next week or two, but were also happy to have a lot of our water problems fixed. Now what does this mean for the blog? Hopefully, not much! We're going to be pretty hectic over the next week or so, never sure when we'll have running water, hot water or anything like that our cooking is going to be tricky. We have a few things ready, and will try and borrow some kitchens this week, so keep an eye open for more great food this week!

So what have we been doing in the meanwhile? Keeping busy thats for sure! Aside from working on the areas that are getting re-plumbed (mostly the kitchen) we've been trying to get some other projects going and find ways to cook without running water. We also welcomed some good friends Steve and Sarah to the neighborhood the other week. Steve and Eric have been good friends for many many years, so it is exciting to have them moving so close. Steve makes cheese and cutting boards like the checkerboard one we've been using recently. He has a selection of boards that are for sale and can even custom build one if anyone is interested. Just send us an email through the link below and we'll get you in touch with him.

Tomorrow we'll show you how to do some canning and make your own preserves, its super easy and a great project to do with the kids!  Check out the cutting boards after the break and see Charisse and Steve doing some welding!
Check out this cutting board:
The board we have is huge, about 24" x 18"

Here are some pictures of Charisse learning to weld last week:

Charisse is ready to go:
Some last minute instruction:
Here's Charisse, playing with fire, Hot Hot Hot!

Thats all we have for today, check us out tomorrow for some actual food!


  1. Dan and I are more than happy to offer up our kitchen any time you need it!

  2. Being that torn apart and living through it is a miracle. Continuing to cook through it is grounds for sainthood. I am new to your blog and have spent some time this morning reading through your earlier posts. I love your recipes and will be back often to see what else you've been cooking. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary