Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frozen Pizza

This week's posts are dedicated to the married American Male when left alone for a period of time. Charisse has gone to Arkansas to visit family, and left me, Eric all alone for a week. I've decided to document what happens when even the most devoted foodie is left alone to fend for himself. The results? 

Not good. 

So this was a vacation that was on the books for over a year and was supposed to include the both of us but I couldn't make due to my new job. No vacation time is tough. Thankfully I got a lot of invites from our friends, so most of the time I wasn't at work, I was enjoying the cooking prowess of our friends and family but that left a few nights where I had to fend for myself, so I've decided to share that with you. 
The first night after Charisse left, my good friend Greg came over and we had a small feast, frozen pizza and beer. The rubbery crust and super hot cheese that leaves the roof of your mouth burned is a true throwback to the college days. I knew this would be a tough week for cooking when Greg tossed a handful of chips on the pizza before it went into the oven. I pulled out some of my old tricks from college, so if any guys out there are ever left to fend for yourselves, take heed. Firstly, check the bottom of the pizza before you pull it out, sometimes the the cheese browns before the crust is done. If the this happens regularly, you've got the heat up too high. Also, to save on dishes, most frozen pizzas come with a cardboard box and cardboard base. This makes a perfect, free disposable plate. So far, surviving. Coming up... I tackle soup out of the can. 

Frozen Pizza
What you will need:
No wife (or significant other)
1 Frozen Pizza
Chips (optional) 

Wait for your wife (or significant other) to leave on a family vacation. Invite friend over. Buy pizza and follow the direction of the box. Advise friend to bring beer. Turn on San Jose Sharks game. 


  1. Love it! This made me laugh out loud. My husband could definitely have been the friend your husband called. I have more time off work than he does and when I head home to visit family, I am pretty sure this is what he's eating :)

  2. LOL, refreshing take on food I have read in ages!

  3. HAHA, this is so funny! What would you guys do without us girls? hehe...my bf when I am out of town, boxed mac and cheese or buys a grinder from down the street ; )

  4. Surviving is all we can ask of you with your beloved away! ;)

  5. I hate to be rude but I disagree. Doritos are NOT optional that is mandatory.

    I love this post it made me laugh.

    Please tell me you are going to eat the soup out of a bowl. Soup straight out of a can is very very sad to imagine. :(

  6. LOL! still a lovely pizza regardless :)

  7. "Turn on San Jose Sharks game."

    HELL YES! Die hard Sharks fan here. Born in San Jose, raised in San Jose, Sharks fan for life baby!

    And I may be the wife but I strongly ENCOURAGE beer and pizza. I am just that cool of a wife. Oh yes. Haha. Bring it on!

  8. This is so funny. My husband cooks for both of us, but left alone resorts to hot pockets and frozen soft pretzels. I would encourage the beer.

  9. Lol! I can seriously relate to this post :)

  10. You have such a great blog! I rally enjoy your writing style and all that you have to say!