Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clam Linguine

Theres been a nasty little cold running through the Bay Area and its had Eric moping around being miserable. Its also given us the problem of not having much to talk about since we haven't done much this week. One thing we did do was go to the viewing party for the Sharks - Vancouver game on Thursday, which was really a lot of fun. Basically for away games they go somewhere (in this case a bowling alley) they bring some marketing people, a bunch of prizes, S.J. Sharkie and tons of fans to make a big party out of watching the game on TV. They had someone playing all the normal hockey songs on the organ, its really like being at a game, but warmer. Our friends Nick and Lisa brought their adorable kids and Dan and Jen were there too. Eric ended up winning a chance to bowl against Sharkie for tickets to an upcoming game and promptly demonstrated to everyone why he plays hockey and not bowling, but he did win a t-shirt and a snow globe, which has for now found a home next to the Sharks gnome. Charisse is busy rolling her eyes at the pair and wondering when she can get them off the mantle. Something we hadn't done lately besides actually go to a game has been seafood. Charisse decided to get us off that particular snide with a linguine. It was fun shopping for this because it gave us the chance to head out to our local seafood shop, Race Street Foods. We're really lucky to live close to the coast, so seafood is super fresh here but it does mean you need to scrub the clams that much more, a small price to pay. 

Clam Linguine
What you will need

2 pounds of clams
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
¼ cup white wine
1 pound linguine or other pasta
1 tbsp butter
2 tbsp flour
Black Pepper
¼ cup cream

Scrub the clams under cold water with a clean brush or sponge
Add olive oil, wine and 1 tbsp parsley to a large stockpot with a lid. add clams and steam until open, then cook for 2-3 minutes. 
Remove the clams and reserve the liquor from the stockpot for the sauce

Cook your pasta starting when you pull the clams out. 

For the sauce: 
Melt your butter in a pot, add flour and cook a short duration. gradually add the liquor you reserved in your stockpot. continue to stir until it is thickened. Pepper lightly and add cream, simmer but don't bring this to a boil 

Pour over the pasta, add the clams and serve. 


  1. wow this looks amazing sorry you have been under the weather

  2. Simple ingredients for a simply beautiful recipe. Love that worn collander!


  3. Clicks are awesome, looks delicious.

  4. I would throw in a clove of garlic :). They look fantastic and sooo delicious!

  5. Gorgeous! Linguine with clams is a classic - favorite for sure!

  6. Stay away from the colds! I love this dish - classic...and love the real clams in shells!

  7. What a great, simple, tasty dish. You cannot beat fresh seafood.

    By the way what did Eric win?!

  8. I love clams and linguine, you can never go wrong with it!! What a perfectly prepared dish!

  9. We have been fighting the cold thing too. Summer where are you? This dish looks so perfect and just may be the ideal dish to cure a cold:)

  10. I absolutely love clams and linguine. What a beautiful, beautiful dish. I hope this and the rest of the wine keep you warm at home.

  11. Linguine and clams are one of my husband's favorite pasta dishes he gets when we go to an Italian restaurant. It's very hard to get "fresh" clams in the Chicago burbs to make at home:(
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. @Becky - Check out this company:
    They either flash freeze or overnight fresh seafood anywhere in the country!
    @Hester - It was a snow globe! Its got the shark mouth with a skater going threw it just like at the Tank!

  13. For some reason I never buy clams but LOVE to eat them when I go out. This totally reminds me to go out and make me some clams :)

  14. Looks delicious. I would just add some garlic and oregano. And bread for dipping in the sauce.